We make low-cost, high-quality, climate-resilient proteins that can prevent and treat malnutrition.

Our strategy


Create climate-resilient proteins

We use fermentation to convert agricultural byproducts into climate-resilient proteins.


Deliver in markets & institutions

We integrate our proteins into products sold in commercial and institutional markets.


Scale impact through partners

We work in partnership with local food companies to develop and deliver desirable products that meet nutritional needs.

The advantages of fermentation

Fermentation is a powerful, flexible process that allows microorganisms to convert agricultural byproduct into proteins in large-scale bioreactors.

Yield & Replication: •Can generate proteins 365 days per year, 24 hours per day with higher yields and replication rate than traditional agriculture.

● Climate Resilience: Can generate proteins irrespective of climate and climatic shocks that affect agriculture and livestock.

Circular Economy: Can valorize agricultural by products by converting them into proteins.

● Protein Quality: Can generate proteins with a PDCAAS score of .85-.9, outperforming most plantproteins and many animal proteins.

Where we work

We have launched in East Africa and have an operational footprint in Ethiopia and Kenya.

Where we work